Tips For Choosing The Right Linen Tablecloth

linen tablecloth

When it comes to table settings, the tablecloth is often the centrepiece of your set-up, when you gather with family or a party of friends, chatting and sharing good food all together at the table. What better way to enhance the dining atmosphere than with a proper linen tablecloth? Today I'm featuring linen tablecloths and working with you to find the best linen tablecloth for your style!

Firstly, let me explain why I recommend linen tablecloths. Linen tablecloth is a soft, breathable and durable tablecloth, linen fabric is comfortable and durable, so it is very suitable for making tablecloths. Linen tablecloth is also better care and maintenance, you can rest assured that after washing and reuse.

Types of linen tablecloths

Floral linen tablecloth

This is my most recommended type of linen tablecloth, floral patterned linen tablecloth is very elegant, like bringing the garden to your table. A floral linen tablecloth can easily enhance the visual power of your table.

Floral linen tablecloth

Solid Colour Linen Tablecloths

Solid linen tablecloths are very classic, and they have remained a favourite for many years because they are easy to match with all kinds of tableware, and easily become the perfect addition to your table setting on many occasions. You can choose your favourite colour depending on the theme of your table setting.

Solid Colour Linen Tablecloths

Embroidered linen tablecloths

Most embroidered linen tablecloths are also crushed linen tablecloths, but embroidered linen fabric takes your tablecloth up a notch. Embroidered linen tablecloths are more unique and it usually gives your guests a sense of the care you put into your table setting.

Embroidered linen tablecloths

Size Options

Whichever linen tablecloth you choose, make sure it will fit your table perfectly. Measure the width and length of your dining table to determine the right size of tablecloth to choose. Generally, I would recommend choosing a tablecloth that is 20 inches longer than your table size so that you will have 10 inches of fabric hanging around your table. Of course you can adjust the fabric drape length as needed.

Maintaining a linen tablecloth

No matter what linen fabric is, it needs to be cared for with care, here are some tips.

  • Wash in cold water
  • Avoid using overly harsh chemical detergents
  • Iron or tumble dry at low temperature
  • Flatten to dry
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

By the end of this writing, you should have some ideas about linen tablecloth options. You can put some thought into which linen tablecloth is what you need, and it's important to choose the right linen tablecloth for your living room décor style.

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